Visitor FAQ


  • What is Handmade Hong Kong?

    Handmade Hong Kong is a gathering place for independent makers of all sorts! We believe in the value of handmade goods, the act of creating & growing, and old-fashioned neighborliness. We bring our community together to build, sustain, and inspire each other. We believe in making time for creativity, conversation, silliness, and ethical consumerism. Our craft events aim to support the local artisans who create items that are unique, limited-editions or one of a kind and locally inspired.
  • How are Handmade Hong Kong events different from other markets?

    Our events are curated, which means that we specifically select vendors through an application process to participate in our fairs and markets. Our events provide an atmosphere that features innovative, high-quality, diverse and original creations while adhering to our core values.
  • How can I become a vendor?

    Please see our Info for Vendors section
  • Do you do events in other areas of Hong Kong, besides DB and Wan Chai?

    We'd love to! And we're working on it - as soon as any other events are confirmed, we'll announce them.
  • When are the upcoming markets?

    Please see our Upcoming Markets for a full list of our upcoming events
  • Is there an entry fee for your events?

    No! Our markets are usually free to attend, unless they are part of another event that charges an entry fee, such as the Clockenflap festival.
  • How can I get involved to help Handmade Hong Kong

    Contact us and let us know you're interested!
  • Who makes Handmade Hong Kong happen?

    Handmade Hong Kong is run by a small team of part-time enthusiasts. You can read a bit more about them here.
  • Why are there some non-handmade stalls at your markets?

    The short answer is that it allows us to continue to operate and support the Handmade movement in Hong Kong. The long answer can be found here.