Vendor FAQ


  • How does HmHK choose who gets to be a vendor?

    We do our very best to choose a good range of handicraft products. We aim for diversity and creativity so we try to have a mix of goods, as well as some vendors with interactive or demonstrative elements. Handmade items get priority over manufactured goods, but we do also make room for unique non-handmade sellers in order to support small businesses and also provide shoppers with a chance to get things that are not readily available in the shops. We do accept the support of a limited number of corporate sponsors in order to make our events the best that they can be, and of course, HmHK wants to give back to the community so we always hold a set number of spaces for charity stalls.
  • If my application gets declined does that mean I will always be declined?

    Not necessarily. Our events are usually over-subscribed so we have to make the heartbreaking decision to decline some quality applicants for no reason other than space shortage. We will usually give a reason for declining an application, so if it is due to space shortage, that means it is well worth trying again for a future event. If the reason we give has to do with unsuitability of products, then there is less chance the answer will change in the future, but we do hesitate to say never.
  • What happens if I change my mind and want to pull out of the event?

    You have one week after making your payment in which you can change your mind and receive a 90% refund on your stall. After that point the only reasons we will issue a refund are hospitalization or bereavement. If this situation occurs we always offer our deepest condolences and an option between transferring credit to the next event, or a full refund.
  • Why do I have to pay via Paypal?

    HmHK is run by a team of enthusiastic part-timers. We do not have the manpower to do a good enough job of processing multiple payment options. The system we use to handle applications is Eventbrite which uses PayPal for payments.
  • What if I don’t have access to a credit card?

    We really really prefer vendors to pay online via credit card. This is because the online system is fully automated and has far less room for human error. If you absolutely positively cannot pay this way, you can do an ATM or online bank transfer, but a handling fee is involved which makes this payment method of no economic advantage. Due to limited manpower there will also be a slight delay in the processing and acknowledgment of this type of payment.
  • What if I don’t like the location I am given on the vendor map?

    We don’t think there are any second-rate spots at our markets – none that can be agreed on anyway. One person’s hotspot is another’s dead zone. In over 4 years of experience we have concluded that this is a completely subjective matter and one that HmHK does not have the resources to tackle. You are welcome to tell us your preferences on the condition you understand that while we will do our best to provide the best possible market for you to be a part of, we will not make any promises in regard to your specific stall location. We have to consider many factors such as stall size, product variety, electrical outlets, fire, health & safety guidelines, and preferences of our venue partners.
  • What happens if it rains at an outdoor market?

    Weather in Hong Kong can be very unpredictable. This is the reason marquees are non-negotiable at our outdoor markets. We always recommend that vendors bring supplies for any weather eventuality – a plastic sheet to protect goods from light showers is a very good idea. A hat and sun cream are also suggested. As a general rule we will not cancel an event unless the HK Observatory issues a Black Rainstorm Warning, or a Typhoon Signal no.8. The only other reason an event will be cancelled is by the decision of our venue partners. No refunds are issued for weather related event cancellations.
  • What if I don’t make enough sales on the market day?

    HmHK cannot be held responsible for this. We offer stalls and an event to be a part of. Vendor sales will come down to desirability of product and sales technique of vendors.
  • Does HmHK do events outside of DB and Wan Chai?

    We’d love to! Email us and let’s chat about the possibilities! We have been involved with the Soho Wine and Dine Festival, Clockenflap Music Festival.
  • What charities does HmHK support?

    We have had the honour of giving complementary stalls to a number of non-profit organisations over the years. These include: SOS-Lanka, HK PAWS Foundation, The Vine Church, HK Dog Rescue among others.
  • What if I want to make a complaint?

    Please email us. We value feedback – the nice kind, and the harder to swallow kind. Handmade Hong Kong exists to give the creative community of Hong Kong a platform and we want to do a good job of this. We believe that open communication is best for everyone and much prefer to hear directly from you than to get sad news secondhand.