Core Values

Here's what we are looking for...

While perfection is never going to be an option, our events are curated and organized with love and sincerity.

Golden rules for market vendors

Keep it friendly: a smile will get you far with the HmHK team, the venue staff, other vendors, and shoppers. People that constantly complain are not much fun to work with.

Respect the vendor map: the size of our events make it impossible to cater to everyone’s location preferences. We think if you love what you do and have good products, anywhere is a "great spot".

Show up on time: Empty stalls look bad. We will have them removed or reassigned if they aren’t filled at opening time. If you are running late due to an emergency contact the market manager to let them know.

Keep it clean: Leave the venue looking clean and litter-free by cleaning up after yourself at the end of the event. This is just plain good manners.
keep calm