Our Motivation

The DIY Craft Movement

There is an increasing trend towards turning to handmade, unique items as opposed to mass-produced cookie-cutter products, as well as an increasing appreciation for the skill and time that goes into making each item. It’s exciting that Hong Kong is showing participation in this movement, as we are often viewed as a city obsessed with designer labels, and China as the “go to” country for cheap mass production.

The current economic situation has helped to  bring to the forefront the action of conscious consumerism, and a renewed appreciation of trade-work and locally made goods.

Sprouting from an Indie, DIY, and a punk ethos, the importance of buying something handmade and free of corporate ties is a valuable experience for shoppers who want to feel good about their purchases because they are able to buy directly from the artist.

Handcrafted items tend to be more environmentally friendly. Often artists use materials that are sourced locally and creatively “upcycle” materials that would normally be discarded as rubbish. Buyers and Makers feel that handmade goods more closely reflect their own lifestyles and values.

Participating in the handmade & slow design movement as a maker or buyer is personally rewarding and has positive repercussions that reach the community as a whole. We are elated to come together in our city of over 8 million people to encourage & support our indie makers and small business. And we are proud that Hong Kong is part of the global movement.